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Tean in Stêr-Wenn, Belle-Ile, Brittany

May Solent Rally, On-the-water Sail Handling/Tuning Day, Autumn Rally

After a great Fitting Out Dinner in the Naval Club in London, why not join the May rally on your yacht or possibly sail with another member who keeps their boat on the south coast.  Channel cruise afterwards for those interested.  Or in June, learn from North Sails at an on-the-water sail handling/tuning day while sailing on a members X-Yacht.  Our Autumn rally is planned for September.  

XYOA Members

Read about the sailing interests of your fellow members from Scotland, North West, South Coast and the Channel Islands and more.  Connect with them to share expertise.  Please visit the members section

Passages & Places and Racing

Planning your 2017 cruising?  Read up about last year's XYOA rally to France and the Channel Islands.  Go somewhere different like Lundy & Bristol.  Read up about the ARC2016.  Tips for cruising Croatia.  Explore the Baltic.  Never raced the RTI?  Find out more.  Please visit the members section 

Technical Library

Service tips to maintain window seals, X332 tuning guide, anchoring equipment, Watt & Sea generators, spec ideas for short handed sailing, Volvo Penta engine turbo watch-out points and more.