What's New

March 2024

Solent Cup details and booking form
Updated members listing

November 2023

Provisional 2024 Calendar
32 technical articles added or updated on technical library

April 2023

WhatsApp chats from Jan, Feb & Mar posted to technical libryary
All winter webinar presentations added
Member listing updated as of 29 March 2023
Tuning video from XYOA factory visit loaded

Member Yachts

29 different models from the X-Yachts range, past and present:
X-95, X-119, X-302, X-332, X-342, X-362, X-372, X-382, X-402, X-442, X-482,
X34, X37, X40, X43, X46, X50,
Xc35, Xc38, Xc42, Xc45, Xc50,
Xp38, Xp44, Xp50
X4.0, X4.3, X4.6, X4.9

Yearly Calendar

January - March 2024 - Winter Webinars

We will be running another series of webinars covering technical, cruising and racing topics on the following dates: 9 Jan, 13 Feb & 5 Mar 2024. All webinars will start at 19:00 GMT. More details to follow

31 January 2024 - AGM

19:00 GMT, to be held over ZOOM to enable maximum participation

13 April 2024 - Fitting Out Lunch

Lunch will be held at the Royal Thames Yacht Club in London.

1 & 2 June 2024 - Solent Cup Racing

Being organised by X-Yachts GB. Details have been circulated by Debbie Wheldon and are also in the members section of the website

At a date to be finalised, we are running another North Sails sail handling and tuning day on the water. See News section for details of prior times we have held this event

21/22 September 2024 - Autumn Rally & Dinner

A weekend rally to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight with dinner at the Royal Solent Yacht Club.

About Us

139 members from 17 countries

We ended 2023, with 139 members from 17 countries. We have seen strong growth in our membership over the last few years as our membership has become more international. We now have members from Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Finland, France, Germany, Guernsey, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and Wales. 

Vibrant Forum - Get Connected

Approximately 120 of our members participate in our private WhatsApp group with regular sharing of information, mainly around technical support or guidance on cruising areas.  Most questions for help or advice a response within a couple of hours.

We also run winter webinars for enabling members to share technical and cruising information.

Comprehensive Technical Library

We have over 250 articles discussing a range of topics including service tips, maintenance, issue resolution, tuning, equipment and sail handling. All indexed by yacht system.

We also provide links to technical videos provided by X-Yachts GB&I and materials from our Winter Webinars series.

Camaraderie in Cruising or Racing

Recent posts on sailing in Scotland, cruising around Mallorca, exploring the Baltic, and bringing a new X-Yacht back from Denmark.  Read up about our XYOA rallies, Lundy & Bristol, ARC2016, tips for cruising Croatia.  Write-ups on racing RTI and the Fastnet.