Cruising Association Membership Discount

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The Owners Association is very pleased to announce that as a member you can now qualify for 25% discount of a Cruising Association (CA) membership for your first year’s membership.  The Cruising Association is Britain’s leading organisation for cruising sailors. With more than 5,000 members across the globe, they provide services, information, help and advice to sailors worldwide.

Founded in 1908 to meet the needs of cruising sailors, the CA has been a home to many of the great names in sailing. It publishes an almanac, which covers the whole of the British Isles and Atlantic seaboard of Europe and has local representatives all over the world. The CA has 19 UK and worldwide sections providing specialised knowledge and events wherever their members cruise.

One of the major benefits of CA membership is being able to purchase products and services at reduced cost. Through their longstanding CA discount scheme, they have been able to set up valuable discounts for its members to enjoy around the world, from marinas and chandleries, charts and books, to electronics and insurance. They have also negotiated discounts for training, holidays, boat charter and many other services. Some discounts, such as 10% off annual marina contracts, can easily save the cost of CA membership.

For a discount code for 25% off the first year of membership please contact

This can then be used at: or by quoting the code at boat shows.

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