Members of the X-Yachts Owners Association are encouraged to exchange experiences and share knowledge.  Go to the Views page to see what conversations are going on.  You can comment on any topic you find on this website by using the comment box below each post or page, or you can email any member of the committee – you will find their details on the Contact page.

In addition, there is a password-protected discussion forum together with other X-Yachts information, support and tuning guides provided exclusively for owners by X-Yachts GB & Ireland .    You can register for an account and gain access to this site by clicking here.

We are keen to build the photograph library of X-Yachts owners sailing – please share your photographs with us and these will be added to our Flickr feed and Facebook page, which are linked to this website.

You will find the Flickr feed here :


Images and news are also uploaded to the X-Yachts Owners Association page on Facebook:


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This site has been created in WordPress but you can “leave a reply” and post to this website without a WordPress log in, you will simply need to provide your name and email address.  Your email will not be published and only your name will appear on the public page.  Your email will be held within the site administration section and will only be used if we need to contact you about the posting.  If you have a WordPress log in, you can use that.  Or you can create a  a WordPress log in; it’s a simple sign-up procedure, where you decide on a user name and create a password.  NB: When you sign up to WordPress, you do not need to create a blog, just tick “username only”.  Go here to create a log in:

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