Who Are We?

The XYOA was set up in 2011 to promote rallies, racing, social events and the sharing of information for X-Yachts owners.  We hold events in the UK including summer and autumn rallies, Solent Cup racing, fitting out and laying up suppers and more.  The XYOA is managed by a committee of UK owners with the support from X-Yachts (GB&I).

Initially focused in the UK, we now have ~ a quarter of our membership from overseas.  Many owners keep their yachts abroad so you are never far from an XYOA member. 

The XYOA will only be as vibrant as the energy put in by its members. Please do join.  The rules of the XYOA can be download here: Rules of the XYOA.

What We Offer

We offer camaraderie with fellow like minded X-Yachts Owners through sailing and shore based events in the UK as well as through our website, WhatsApp group and webinars.  In 2017 we revamped the XYOA website with the aim to create a much stronger virtual network across the association.

The new site includes a XYOA Members only section providing a wealth of information.  We also have a WhatsApp group acting as a forum for sharing information on events and technical information.

We offer our members XYOA branded Musto merchandise and discounts with select partners including North Sails, Gallagher Marine Insurance, SailTek, Navico and the Cruising Association.

How to Join

New membership for those living in UK and Ireland is £50 or £60 for those living overseas.  For this, you will get a XYOA burgee, a user-id for the website and access to the WhatsApp group. The annual ongoing subscription for all members is £25.  All membership fees are invested directly into XYOA activities.

To join, please send an email to treasurer@x-yachtsowners.co.uk with your name and boat details and we will send you the joining instructions.  Membership renewal occurs on the 1st Jan each year with renewal fees payable within 30 days.

Routed to this Page?

If you have been automatically routed to this page, it is because you have tried to access content that is protected for members only.  Please log in or join the XYOA.