2018 Autumn Rally Report

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The XYOA had its best attended rally for a while with 13 X-Yachts providing a great sight in Cowes Yacht Haven.  A further 6 members turned up for the event either by ferry or hitching a ride on a fellow members’ yacht, so we had ¼ of the total membership at the event.  A record.  It was a pleasure to be joined by Stuart and Julien from X-Yachts GB, along with their families.  A couple of the members brought their families along so we had new-born children being inducted to the X-Yachts way of life along with some young crew members demonstrating how to do hand-stands on the foredeck!

With glorious weather, there was a lot of good chat on the pontoon and over dinner on the seasons’ sailing and I’m sure ideas were starting to form on where to venture in 2019.  It was wonderful to see many new owners attend the event and we hope they found it valuable being able to connect with fellow XYOA members.


13 X-Yachts squeezed into a small space is quite a sight and it was interesting to be able to have a little peak round fellow member’s X-Yachts, be it a brand new X4.9, a 30 year old X-119, and many in-between.

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