Dutch X-Yachts Owners Association

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The Dutch X-Yachts Owners Association was formed in 2013 by three proud Dutch X-Yachts owners with the purpose of sharing information and experiences amongst Dutch owners through tour rallies, race events and social events.

At the moment we have 100 Dutch and Belgian active members. Every year we organize different events in the North and South of Holland. Also in the winter we organize events, for example: new year drinks, trimming and maneuvering workshops and visiting the yard in Denmark.

All the members get an account to login at the backend of our website with an platform where they can share their stories and experiences. And of course reports from the events and pictures are shown on our website.

For 2018 we already had 3 events until now but we still have some more events which are coming up:

  • 2 & 3 June: X-Yachts Holland Cup (yearly)

This year is the seventh edition of X-Yachts Holland Cup on the 2nd & 3rd of June. Which is for the fourth time in Marina Muiderzand. We invite all X-Yachts owners to come this weekend to Marina Muiderzand for the races and social activities after sailing. Those X-Yachts with a measurement certificate (Sport class) can register with the ORC classes with 4 races per day. The Family Class will be sent off on a separate medium distance race around existing marks on the IJsselmeer with 2 races per day. For more information: click here.

  • 8-10 June: Deltaweekend in Zierikzee – big Dutch yearly race in the South of Holland
  • 21 & 22 June: Ronde om Noord-Holland: this is an yearly rally with 200+ boats at the start line
  • 15 September: Project X – local small rally with only X-Yachts and bring your own food for the BBQ concept

You are most welcome to join any of our events.

For more information, please visit www.xclubnederland.nl or send us an e-mail info@xclubnederland.nl

Met vriendelijke groet, Best regards,

Nikki van Mackelenbergh-Schuttrups

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